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Win Real Prizes, Play for Free!

This fun and exciting Coin Pusher takes place at the Monkey Temple. A place that is overflowing with riches! Join the Monkey King, Congo, in protecting his Temple from the Falcons using a slingshot and by activating the Temple's defenses! Collect fruits, Statue Heads, Crown Pieces, Bricks, Temple Coins, Gems, and Wonders!

Meet Congo

Congo is King of Monkey Temple! He wants to share his riches with anyone that can help him keep his thieving neighbors at bay! He loves Bananas and Temple Coins. If you see him out and about, maybe you should throw Temple Coins at him! He's also in charge of summoning Monkey rewards!

Meet the Falcons

The Falcons are becoming a headache for Congo. They come over and steal things from his temple. However, they occasionally carry items and Temple Coins that you can get by hitting them with Temple Coins! You can also tame some of the Falcons to always bring you items to drop on the board!

Handy Dandy Slingshot

Use your Slingshot to shoot Temple Coins into the holes to get items from the Dragon Spinner and get Coins onto the board to help push your prizes forward! Shoot Temple Coins and Bananas to Congo so he can give you even more prizes! You can also hit the Falcons to make them drop rewards!

Gems & Temple Coins

Collect Temple Coins to keep the Temple moving and keep the Falcons at bay! Temple Coins can be shot into the holes of the Temple to activate the Dragon Spinner. You can also use these coins to get upgrades and buffs!

Gems are a rare currency in the realm of the Monkey Temple! You can find whole Gems and Gem Fragments. Spend Gems to get rarer rewards and prizes!

Gift Boxes

Sometimes Congo will give gifts to the player! He wraps the gifts with care and hangs them so the player can collect them when they're ready! Just keep hitting the gifts with Temple Coins to open them!


Sprints are a fast paced, shoot-the-target game! You can try for the Daily High Score and receive even more Gems!

Congo gives you a Free Sprint Token everyday you play!

Dragon Spinner

The Dragon Spinner gives you prizes! Just shoot Temple Coins into the holes to activate it! It drops Temple Coins, Fruit that is converted into larger amounts of Temple Coins, Crown Pieces, Statue Heads, Bricks, and Bananas!

Jaguar Coin Popper

Need a quick coin boost? Try using the Jaguar Coin Popper! It converts random Temple Coins on your board into fruit! Since fruit gives you bigger coin rewards, this allows you to quickly boost your Coin Count!

Monkey Temple

The Temple can be activated by Congo, but Congo needs some coaxing to get the Temple to open up! The temple is full of Wonders, Temple Coins, and Gems! It's all waiting for you to come collect it!

Eagle Extended Pusher

A Brick allows the pusher to reach further and push off more coins. Buying multiple bricks will allow you to clear your board in a hurry and climb up the leaderboard!

Wonders Room

The Temple has many artifacts hidden deep inside. It's up to you to collect them and display them! Completed rooms give more bonuses and give you something beautiful to admire!

Pick up a rare jar to insure you get something you don't have in your Wonders Rooms!

Hyper Pusher

Need to get your winnings quickly? The Hyper Pusher is just for you! This magical boost allows the top and bottom pusher to move even faster!

Statue Bumpers

To keep items from falling off of the sides, gather the four Statue Heads of the Temple Guardians! They can protect your items for a limited time.

Crown Shake

Gather all five pieces of Congo's Crown to shake the Temple! This lets you gather items off the board quicker